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September 1, 2010

Last week was so blessed, and we felt the Lord ministering through us.
Patty helped a woman get through cancer surgery, and staying close to another woman who was told she has cancer.

Last Thursday I was on the phone 5 solid hours praying, counseling, encouraging people in the media that ranged from CEO's, Prod, Actors, Musicians, others that work in the Studios. There was one after another and I stayed on until my Cell went dead. PTL! This is the ministry of a Chaplain and pleased God has called us to it.

Friday I ministered at Universal Studios.

Sunday our church had baptisms in the Pacific. What an awesome testimony! During potluck and bon fire Patty ministered to some hurting people. I talked with a man waiting for friends to arrive as well as several others. Patty and I both spent time with teenage boys and girls talking about the Lord and fielding questions.

Isn't it like the devil to wait and hit us after such great experiences. Monday was three difficult and sad events.
First thing we got word that the son of our dear and longtime friends and Media Focus partners Gary and Loretta was lost in a tragic car accident. Cary was 42 and leaves a wife and 3 children. I spent a long time on the phone with Gary this morning and we prayed together. It was very emotional.

Yesterday, I was suppose to meet with a Prod. Co. CEO, Producer, and Casting Director. I had to postpone that meeting until next week.
At 11 a.m. I had to go to the dentist and was there 3 hours. The tooth I just had a root canal done, was so broken into the gum, the dentist had to use the tooth next to it for support. That meant grinding that second tooth down for a connecting crown. This tacks another $700 to the bill. I was speechless.
The first tooth expense was covered by 3 of our media focus partners, and we are so thankful, or we would still be waiting to start the procedure. However, before they will finish these two teeth, I have to pay the $700. Some have asked if they can donate to Media Focus to go towards the dental work. The answer is yes, check to Media Focus or by Pay Pal on our web site, designate to Chaplain's fund Dental. That becomes income for Patty and I and will go to the dentist. Thank you all so much.

Partners have rallied behind us to get us through Aug. and into the first half of Sept. Praise God and Thank those of you who have sent your love gifts our way to keep us going forth into one of the most difficult mission fields on the earth. God bless all of you.

In closing, about an hour ago I spent time talking with a young man in his twenties in front of a Ralphs. His name is Tony, and he is from W. VA. He came to Ca. to try and locate his real dad, and discovered how hard it is to make it in CA. WE talked about the Lord and who Christ is. When we prayed, he opened his heart to the Lord. And it wasn't much, but I gave him some cash as the Lord long ago taught to not just talk and pray but to help in a tangible way if at all possible. Pray for Tony.

Love and Blessings in Christ,
Johnny & Patty
Chaplain to media.

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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