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November 2012

It has been said that if you have even 4 of what would be termed really true friends, you are indeed blessed. If that is so, then Patty and I have been blessed with dear friends over the years many times over. This is especially true of our faithful partners in the ministry of Media Focus.

We also believe that in the course of life, we all have vacations. Some are good, others just time spent in different places, and some even can be disasters. However, there comes those rare trips that one can call The Perfect Vacation. In our lifetime together, Patty and I have had two, but PTL we just finished the third as we returned Sunday from a week in Sedona, AZ. Our needed and most appreciated time away was provided by a few of our Media Focus partners-all expenses paid. What a surprise and blessing that was, but that is not what made the trip a perfect vacation although it certainly was an incredible help. What made it perfect was the way the Lord orchestrated the whole trip from His speaking to hearts to provide the timeshare and cover expenses down to directing every part of each day even tending to the smallest details of what to see, who to speak to, where to eat, and giving us stunning weather the whole time.

There were deeply moving moments, such as when Patty and I entered the Chapel of the Holy Cross, high in the red rocks to set near the alter and pray. Or the fabulous sunset atop a mountain, Wednesday a four hour train ride through Verde canyon amidst interesting people, and we will laugh at times remembering over the hilarious dinner in the Red Planet, nor can we forget the old silent movie theatre in the Jerome Ghost Town. We could just go on and on. Thank each of you who prayed for us and those who gave of their finances and the family who donated their timeshare. Words cannot express what our hearts feel for you all.

We came home refreshed and rested with an even stronger vision for the future. We have one more month left in this year, and want to reach out to individuals and families who are hurting this Christmas. We are making that kind of list and need your help to accomplish what God is placing on our hearts. We face the challenge of raising enough support to cover expenses and are asking for extra to help others. As you are praying about your year end giving, would you please consider Media Focus. We realize that we are not as glamorous or dynamic as other ministries, but for 28 years we have touched the hearts and lives of countless individuals in the media for Christ.

May God bless and keep you and give you a wondrous celebration as you enter the Christmas Season.

Your Friends and Chaplain of Media Focus Ministry,
Johnny & Patty Probst

Your Prayers, along with your tax deductible checks to Media Focus,mailed to P.O.Box 618--Duarte,Ca. 91010 or contributions made on www.media-focus.org ,enables this ministry to continue forward.
God Bless and Merry Christmas!

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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