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Media Focus is a 501c3 Non-Profit Ministry. All Donations are Tax Deductible

November 2010

This summer we reached the 25 year mark in ministry as Chaplain of Media Focus, PTL!. It was in July of 1985 we stepped out in faith with basically the clothes on our backs and began a ministry into the Media Industry, and what a miracle ministry it has been to the Glory of God our Father.
At one point we had 14 bible studies meeting weekly in various studio lots. Some of those are still meeting.
We held a Producers/Directors breakfast in the NBC commissary for 8 years. Friday Night Live in the same location for 5 years.
Media Focus Hollywood luncheon at the Roosevelt Hotel for 2 years.
We broadcast Media Focus radio show that aired across the country in various locations for 4 years.
In addition, we hosted a Writers group, A prayer group which met and lifted up needs in the Industry, and an Orange Co. chapter.
In recent years the Lord has focused our ministry to be Chaplain to those in the Entertainment Industry, and has opened to us incredible doors of ministry opportunities. No fanfare, just quiet day to day reaching out to the hurting behind the scenes. So specific group, we may be meeting a CEO one day, an actor, or grip the next, whomever God places in our path.

Not only are the accomplishments a miracle of God, but in looking back we are humbled to see how much He has done with so little.
Patty and I have operated on a financial edge for 25 years. In that time, Media Focus has never accrued any debt nor has it ever topped $50,000 in donations in a given year, We have never had the luxury of businesses that will place yearly gifts of $100,000 or more, nor have we ever had persons of wealth who wouldn't blink an eye at writing a check for $50.000. ( Patty and I hear of that with other ministries and think, 'Wow! One check like that along with what our partners give would stretch one year into two.' Of course, we praise God for His blessings to those other ministries and for what they are doing.)
Anyway, the Lord has chosen to fund Media Focus through family, friends, and partners like you, and we are truly grateful. Thank you all for standing with us over the years in prayer and your support. We love you.

Now let us rejoice in the great things our Lord has done and give Him all the Glory!
We are here for you. Please let us know how we can serve and encourage you.
Blessings in Christ,
Johnny & Patty

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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