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January 2014

To our Dear Friends and Partners of Media Focus Ministry,

In the Bible, Acts chapter 18, Paul met a married couple by the names of Aquila and Priscilla. They took Paul into their home and the couple had a great influence on the missionary as well as many others. It is interesting that every time they are mentioned in scripture they are never separate but always Aquila and Priscilla or Priscilla and Aquila. It has been suggested they could have had a hand in the writing of the book of Hebrews. The point is that God used them mightily as a married couple. In an age when much talk is mostly on what happens between a husband and wife, they were an example of what God can do through them.

That has been the deep desire of our hearts from the time Patty and I fell in love, married and began our lives together; to serve the Lord together in full time ministry. God granted that wish the first few years of our marriage, and He used us in ways we had never dreamed of. Even as we stepped out in faith and came to California with our small children, we were serving together to begin a ministry to people in the Media.

However, our daughters reached school age and to keep them in a christian school, Patty took a job in the office of the school where the girls attended so we could get tuition breaks and a salary. That move took place the same year we formed Media Focus. Since 1985 Patty has ministered in christian schools and I have been involved as much as possible, and she has aided in Media Focus with much limitations, especially these latter years.

Many of you know how we have prayed and longed for the Lord to again let us serve together in ministry full time, yet lack of finances has kept that door closed.

But, Praise the Lord, in His time last September there was a slight shift. We could sense it, feel it, and suddenly God began moving in our lives to direct and lead us by opening new doors, blessing us everyday in surprising ways. Then, this past December, He blew a huge door open and in a moment He provided the way to replace Patty's salary at the school and free us to serve in ministry full time once again. Last Friday she gave her notice at the school. Our lives have been changing so fast our heads are in a spin.

We know you are wondering, how does this impact your ministry? Let us share the vision God had given us and how He is shaping and modifying what we will be doing.

To begin with He has been developing our ministry into a trilogy. We couldn't see this completely until recently but now we can break it down.

First is Media Focus:
We will be able to greatly expand our time ministering one on one, face to face with people in the media and others in need. For example, this week Patty and I had breakfast with an executive film producer and his wife. This evening we will make a hospital call. In addition, we will be free to attend media functions which we could not do in the past. Our home will be used for a variety of small group meetings and a release by the Lord after years of closed doors is to be available for public speaking. This is already taking shape!

Second is our Book Ministry:
To discover how our book series is impacting lives you only need go into our website and read the comments and reviews. In addition, for several years we have been placing copies in prison libraries. Last year two dear friends sent funds into our business account to help spread this part of our ministry. We hear from chaplains and other sources of inmates accepting Christ after reading them, and how there are waiting lists of inmates eager to check them out. (We currently have books in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and plan to expand into New York.) Also, as of now, two of the books, "Caught Up" and "Tribulation's Seven Seals" are being passed around among a group of 30 Baptist pastors in the Philippines.

Third is Zeal for Life:
This is the final part of the trilogy which God placed into our ministry. At first we were both resistant but the Lord changed our minds. All we can say is that this wellness product is nothing short of amazing and we truly believe the concept, formulation and the product is a gift from God. A number of our Media Focus partners are using it and their testimonies of what it is doing for them is incredible. As for Patty and I, it has changed our health and life. The following post on Face Book speaks for itself of the impact this part of our ministry is having.
"Through these horrible weeks with my dad sick, my friend (and other half of my brain) Patty Probst has been blessing me and my family with a wellness drink called ZEAL. It has been one of the things that has kept me going through the long days....a once-a-day drink that offers increased sustained energy, vitamins, minerals etc. I have less inflammation, and am sleeping better than ever. My sister has fibromyalgia and a lupus diagnosis and she says (and I have seen it) that her joint swelling has been reduced to "her normal knees"! I know this sounds hard to believe but it's true!"

In closing, it is with humble hearts and deep gratitude we thank each of you for your faithful believing in us, your love, encouragement, your awesome prayers and needed financial support. In moving forward, it is important that Media Focus maintains our monthly budget needs of $3,000. Please pray with us as we step into this new adventure and consider gifts throughout this year as you join us in this journey to continue to reach into the media mission field for Christ.

God Bless & Love You,

John and Patty

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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