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August 2010

News has been dismal now for some time, especially in the economic sector. We have been ministering to so many who have lost jobs, homes, investments, and possessions. There are deep financial struggles weighing on many individuals and families. These struggles reach from the bottom to the top of the media industry.
This has hit us hard as well as we try to keep reaching out to pray with and encourage others. I made a trip to check our PO Box in Duarte today and it was empty again. We have had only 2 contributions since Aug. 1st. I called Patty to let her know, and her depth of discouragement is to the point I feel her faith and trust is crumbling, and I feel helpless to encourage and comfort her. Admittedly, this has been the worst summer financially since we began Media Focus in 85. Yet we face some of the greatest opportunities of ministry that we have ever had. We scratch our heads and wonder...

I sought the Lord for strength this morning in His Word. I pray the words of encouragement He gave me will help you all as well.
He led me to Jeremiah 17: 5 to 8 which basically says, those who trust in men will dwell in a desert place, but those who place their trust in the Lord will be like a tree planted on a river bank. Wars, famine, drought, economic upheavals, what ever, that tree will stay green and bear fruit. (It all boils down to who will we trust, and will the circumstances in our lives sway our trust? Or will we be a people who walk by faith and not by sight?) Pretty scary when food on the table runs out and bills pile in....and income drops or is wiped out. Then as the pressure mounts, again the question. Will you hold the line and trust God or cave and panic into doing something totally out of the will of God for your life to try and do it on your own. Trust is easy to say but harder to live. God help us!

After that I spent much time in prayer by name for those I know of having financial and other trials and severe challenges. Just wanted you to know and I wept tears for you as I lifted you up before the Lord our God.

Patty and I do covet your prayers as well for us and the Ministry of Media Focus, and will be most grateful for your much needed financial support as you are able. Thank you, dear friends. Keep trusting God and May He bless you richly,
Johnny & Patty Probst.

In a day when most are concerned about what happens between a couple, when people think of John & Patty, may they see what happens through them.

Your Prayers,along with your tax deductible checks to Media Focus, mailed to: P.O.Box 618--Duarte,Ca. 91010 or donations made on www.mediafocusministry.org ,enables this ministry to continue forward. God Bless!

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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