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April, 6, 2016

Dear friends,

Last month in Media Focus Ministry was like no other. Let me share with you two stories.

Being a Chaplain there are numerous times we are called on to lead. Weddings are one of those and usually such a great joy. The other, and much more difficult, are funerals. We have been involved in the lives of many families who are grieving over the loss of loved ones--and more times than i can count have conducted the service or at least been a part. Of all these, two stand out in my mind.

The first happened some years ago. A beautiful and talented actress, who was Jewish, accepted Christ as her Savior and became a part of Media Focus. Patty and i spent a lot of time in her home to pray and encourage her. Because of her faith in Christ, her family relationships were strained and very tense, but she had also developed a lot of Christian friends. In later years she struggled with some health issues, but grew strong in her faith.

A few years ago she went to be with the Lord. When her will was read, she stated where the service was to be held, scripture to be read and hymns to be sung, and that I was to lead the service and speak. Well that caused an uproar as I met with the family (all jewish) several times. They insisted they have their Rabbi assist me.(I had no problem with that.) They also wanted me to come back and tell them what I intended to say in the message. I did that, the family was angry and cold and rejected all my thoughts as meaningless and foolish. Find something else!

I have to tell you a spent a lot of time before the Lord. To respect the family, yet give the message Christ placed on my heart. The spiritual battle was fierce as i prayed for His Words. The answer came in the dead of night and was so strong and clear I knew it was from God. It came together beautifully and so perfect I knew it was way beyond anything I could have thought up. ( I fact I couldn't tell you what it was if you asked me.) But I saw the impact of it.

The day of the funeral, the Christians sat on one side, and the Jews on the other. The atmosphere was tense and strained. The Rabbi said a few words, and then came my turn. The family scowled and many crossed their arms. My opening words seemed to fall on deaf ears----until, suddenly the Holy Spirit took over and it was like an unseen wind blew across the Chapel. I watched a miracle. People on both sides began to weep and peace and unity filled that Chapel PTL! When it was over I saw Christians and Jews hugging each other. Most all of the family, thanked me, the hostility and anger had all vanished...God did a work that day.

Now the second happened just last month, and could only have come about in this Tech age.

A family we knew in the beginning of Media Focus were good friends. It was a mother and her four daughters. The mom and one daughter( Who struggled with drugs) stayed in Ca. Two daughters and families moved to Holland, and the fourth daughter went to Mo. and remarried. Last Fall the Mo. daughter called us and said her mom was in a hospital out here and not doing well. She was coming to Ca. to be with her mother. So Patty and I made a hospital call and spent time ministering to them. We kept in touch and went back to the hospital. Now to complicate matters, while the Mother was recovering from surgery, the Ca. daughter died of a drug overdose. So Patty and I were in constant touch with prayer, counsel, listening and just being there for them. So after this was over and the mom was able to travel, the Mo daughter took her mother to live with her in MO.

First of March, 2016 the Mo. daughter calls that her sister in Holland is very critical. For the next two weeks, we were on the phone daily, with the daughter and mother, praying for a miracle to take place in a hospital in Holland. For two weeks, we prayed with and ministered to a family watching their loved one slip away. Patty was so used of the Lord in this spending hours on the phone and talking, listening, praying, even in the middle of the night. Finally, the middle of Mar. the Mom lost her second daughter, and the daughter another sister.

We were asked to help with funeral prayers and to be a part. So at 2:30 Am our time we were Skyped in to the service in Holland. Those watching spanned Ca. Mo. and Holland.

Thanks for letting us share.

Please pray for us as we continue reaching out, especially to those in the Media. Also, pray for Media Focus finances. We have fallen short of our needed monthly budget, barely reaching half of it. Many expenses remain unpaid, and our financial situation is critical. We continue trusting the Lord and gratefully welcome your prayers and support. Much work is ahead of us this month of April.

May God richly bless you,
Johnny & Patty Probst
Chaplain of Media Focus Ministry

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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