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April 2013

Dear friends and partners of Media Focus Ministry,

The feature that was written up on Media Focus appeared late last week in the Christian Examiner and we were very pleased at how it turned out. Lori took her time in the interview and truly gained an insight into our thoughts and especially our hearts in writing the article. More importantly, she made God's miracles in the call and the forming and growth of the ministry evident. Patty and I stand amazed as we think about it and over and over again can only give our Father Praise and Glory for what He has done these past 28 years
We were also pleased that Lori included a word about our books which is the latest part of God's call on our lives. www.johnpattybooks.com

There was a humbling surprise. They did a front page feature! PTL!

Starting, this past Monday, calls have been coming in from all over the country from people reading the article. For those of you who haven't seen the feature, we are sending it along on an attachment.
As you read it, please lift us up in prayer. We so need those. And as you pray for us, would you ask the Lord how He would have you help this ministry and us. For most of the 28 years we have ministered, we have constantly been on the ragged financial edge. So today, we covet your love, friendships, prayers and financial support. Thank you from the depths of our hearts and God Bless you,

Johnny & Patty
Chaplain of Media Focus Ministry.

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Your Prayers, along with your tax deductible checks to Media Focus,mailed to P.O.Box 618--Duarte,Ca. 91010 or contributions made on www.mediafocusministry.org , enables this ministry to continue forward. God Bless!

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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