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April 2012

Dear Ones, Just returned from leaving our ministry car at an auto repair shop. Yesterday around noon I was driving south on the 605 freeway at about 65 mph. A truck in the lane next to me on left about two car lengths ahead blew a tire and threw the whole tread in front of me. A car on my left and one on right, I had no choice but to drive over it. The truck disappeared in traffic.
It was incredible the damage done by a huge piece of tire tread. Dented and marred front bumper. Shattered the headlight assembly. Scratched up the drivers side of car, and tore a part of the rear bumper loose. Plus knocked front end alignment off. OH MY!
Good news and Bad news! The good is that we have really good ins. Bad is that we have $250 deductable to pay; however that is little compared to what that damage will cost.

So many times we share the struggles and difficulties that so many people in the media that we minister to are facing, as well as sharing our own challenges and battles. So let me speak of the Praise Reports.
The last of Mar. and so far this Apr . has been busy in Media Focus. We have seen many victories and answers to prayer.

Production Co. Patty and I have worked with for over 2 years releasing a feature film in may. Met with the CEO for breakfast and we rejoiced in the Lord together.
Been praying with an actress to find an Agent. She signed up with one this month.
Helped a SAG actor find peace and joy in Christ.
Helped another SAG actor caring for her elderly father. We saw God's healing touch on them both.
Helped and encouraged a studio worker to turn her eyes back on Jesus.
Prayed last night with the family of a long time Disneyland worker as he was in surgery. Dr. feared the man would not make it, But Praise be to God, he pulled through. Hospital called tonight to see and pray with him.
There are many,many others, as we continue to see our Lord moving in mighty ways.

A grateful thanks to those of you who prayed and sent financial support to carry us through March and into April. We would be most grateful if the Lord put it on your hearts to help us with your love gift.
Again, Thank you all for your love and encouragement.
May God Bless you in special ways,
Johnny & Patty Probst
Chaplain of Media Focus

Please let us know how we can serve and pray for you.

Media Focus is a 501c3 non-profit Ministry and all donations are tax deductible.

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